About Us

Hey there!  Welcome to the repository of EVERYTHING the SPA Girls know about self-publishing (well, not quite everything – we’re learning every day too, but promise we’ll share as we go along in this journey with you).

So who are we and why do we call ourselves the SPA Girls?

SPA is the acronym of our weekly podcast Self Publishing Authors Podcast and we’re Trudi Jaye, Cheryl Phipps, Wendy Vella and Shar Barratt. We’re four longtime writers (romance, urban fantasy, mystery and non-fiction) who have been podcasting for more than two years now, sharing tips, resources, interviews and indie publishing info especially for folk at the beginning of their self-publishing journey. We have funny (to some) accents ‘cos we’re from New Zealand, but don’t let that put you off listening! (Scroll down for how to subscribe).

The SPA Girls with authors Joanna Penn, Serena Clarke, Louisa George

Why this blog?

Because as much as we LOVE talking on our podcast each week (which is why we can never quite stick to the 30 minute ideal length each episode), our listeners appreciate when we write things down so they can go back and refer to the basic how-to’s, writing craft advice, marketing tips, publishing resources and indie author hacks.  We’re committing to posting to the blog at least weekly, so add us to your favorite bookmarks or subscribe via RSS and you won’t miss a thing.

Have a burning question?

Drop us a line at hello@spagirlspodcast.com

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